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It has been a few months since I was actively writing stuff. Baz shut down his webpage, and I had to download all my content to not lose it.

Although I’m in the web business for a few years (well, 7 as a Full Stack Developer), I wanted to self host my stuff. I searched for a bunch of hours to find something useful. I could have used WordPress right away, but I didn’t want to. I wanted something new.

Initially, I checked out again. It is open-source self-hosted blogging software. But it looked kinda complicated. I searched and stumbled upon a great GitHub project ([]) which looked really promising.

I set it up and added a few of my really, really old posts from when I was writing in German.
Months passed, and I didn’t update the site, nor did I write something. All my content is still lying around on my hard drive.

A few days back, I finally decided to sign up for the hosted stuff. I don’t have my views, so I thought the smallest package should hold me over for a good while. With 9 USD a month, it isn’t really expensive.

Now the hard part starts. I need to go through all my previously published posts and articles and need to republish them there. Maybe I could also work on some of the longer articles again and try to get a few regular readers there? also lets me build a Newsletter and membership service without much hassle. Although I don’t need it yet, who knows what the future will bring?

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