This Blog Post was originally published on the platform "writelier" (formerly "co-writers" and "200wordsaday"). Sadly the blogging platform was discontinued. I downloaded all my blog posts and prepared them to be republish them here.

A few years ago Marvel started one of the biggest movie projects the world has seen. At least I think that's true :)

In 2008 Iron Man came out and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) was born. At that time they were almost bankrupt and if I remember correctly this was their last attempt to regain everything.

I think they did. Even though they were bought by Disney I think Stan Lee (RIP) and his fellow Comic drawers created a Universe nobody ever could imagine.

Sure, they had comic books for ages (according to Wikipedia since 1939).

Sure, there were some movies out there: Spiderman and the X-Men Franchise. But the birth of MCU killed all of it, at least in my opinion.

Now I'm sitting here in my living room, waiting for time to pass, watching some "The Blacklist" (also a great Series, currently on Netflix), because of tonight at 8:30 p.m. I will see Avengers Infinity War and Avengers End Game.

As a double feature (6 hours movie time) with Dolby Atoms in a Cinema nearby. I can't wait to see the gang together again. And I'm really interested in how they are going to end(?) the whole movie series.

And I can't imagine what will come after the MCU is done? What will they come up next?

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