Amaranthe Manifest

This Blog Post was originally published on the platform "writelier" (formerly "co-writers" and "200wordsaday"). Sadly the blogging platform was discontinued. I downloaded all my blog posts and prepared them to be republish them here.

Yesterday the new Amaranthe album was released. Since I preordered it a while back, my iPad greeted me in the morning with a notification that it finished downloading it. It wasn't until later that I've got time to listen to it. I got immediately hooked. Now it is time to listen to it again and start a small review about it.

A few songs were released previously, which I most enjoyed Archangel and Viral. But let's start at the beginning.


The music video of Fearless was released alongside the album today, so I took a look at it. As many Amaranthe songs, it starts with the screaming voices but even before them, we got a really great drum and guitar combination. As far as I know, the two male voices are new singers, and both of them deliver some great sounds. Although I don't get why the screaming guy always has one hand around his head. He does the same thing in the Archangel music video.

Make it Better

Sadly there is now music video to Make it Better, but it is still available on youtube. Obviously, you can't make a full-blown video for every song. In contrast to the Fearless song, Make it Better starts even harder and without vocals for the first 30 seconds. Elize starts off and right afterwards we hear screaming again. A great piece of music.

Scream My Name

Because of the name, the third song let me remember "Call out my Name" from the first album they've released. This time the song is a little bit softer but feeling way "faster" than the previous once. I think I have to take a look at the BPM (beats per minute). It is also really great that they let the clean male voice more "time" inside all of the songs. Previously it was mainly Elize and only a little bit of screaming and "clean" singing by the guys. It happens that the third song of the album is also on my top 3 top list of this album.


As I have written before, this song was released a few months ago and it went viral in my listening playlist. The great thing is the music video takes the current situation and uses it. We have to keep in mind the whole album was produced alongside the ongoing pandemic. I think there is even an interview about how difficult it was to put together because the musicians couldn't meet. As it was the first song I heard from the new album, it is on position two in my top list.


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