A week later

It’s been exactly one week since I started with my protein diet.

So far I'm feeling pretty good. The first few days were really hard, as you are only eating protein. Today I also had a salad for my chicken.

You don’t know how much you miss something unless it’s several days gone :)
I think I never enjoyed salad so much.

Also every day I’m doing a simple workout, right after getting out of bed. It totally kicks your mood and feeling. I don’t do something special, just some jumping jacks, squats, push-ups and finish with a 30-second elbow plank. Especially the push-ups are currently the most exhausting I think I’ve ever done.

I learned about that workout a few years ago, somehow I stumbled upon a page called “Darebee”. They have massive amounts of workouts (Like the Batman Workout). All can be done in a reasonable time, like the AM-Workout that I’m doing. All four exercises maybe take 5 to 7 minutes in total.

And now to the numbers. In the 7 days I’m doing the diet now I lost about 3 kilograms, which is absolutely great. I didn’t even think about progress so fast. We’ll see what the next week brings…

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