50 Books in 52 Weeks Update 1

Calendar week 6 get’s to an end an I thought why not write an small update on my 52 Weeks 50 Books Challenge.

First of all, I want to apologize, I cheated a little bit on the book list. I cheated so hard, I didn’t even notice it myself. :)

Well not that hard, today I just noticed I don’t have 50 real books on the list. Only 43, the other seven are multiple weeks but the same book (anthologies combined in one book). If I, however, reach the end of the Challenge before the end of 2019 I’m totally gonna add more books.

Sadly, I’m also a little bit behind. The book I’m currently reading (Der Zweihunderjährige (der Zyklus 3)) should have been finished last Sunday. But I hope I can finish it at least this week.

If I stick to my current routine, it should still be possible to finish all 43/50 books until the end of 2019. With 16122 pages divided to 52 weeks, I only need to read about 44,29 pages per day. If I finish the current book tomorrow my average pages per day are around 46, a little bit above the “minimum” to keep on track.

Also, I discovered a great website for tracking my progress outside my beloved google tables. goodreads.com. I’ve added the last few books I’ve read and also joined their 2019 challenge. Which you can check out here.

Let’s see how the next weeks are coming along.

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