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People who don't need an Ambulance

Posted at — Jun 10, 2019

Since I am going into duty today again, I thought, why not write about the people who don’t need an Ambulance vehicle.

Sadly, almost every other “emergency” we are called to isn’t a real “emergency”. Sure, sometimes, when you are not sure, it is better to call an Ambulance than to stand it out and potentially die or something other bad.

So, what are does emergencies that don’t need an ambulance you might ask. Well, let me introduce you to my top list (in no particular order).

“I have got constipation for three days” “Were you at a general practitioner?” “No” Roll’s eyes in his mind.

“I didn’t drink much today and also ate only a few bits” “Why?” “There wasn’t time to.” Well, that’s a no brainer, if you don’t eat enough and drink enough the whole day, it is quite possible that you collapsed. They are especially worse because even though the patient could currently be with consciousness, as long as the blood sugar is low, this could change any minute.

Sure, this is a real emergency, but it is one that could be easily avoided.

Well, there are many more like that. Maybe I will continue the list on another day, when a new one comes into my mind.