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Offering Space

Posted at — Jun 15, 2019

First things first, @basilesamel if you would like to have this post removed, I am going to remove it :)

As probably none of you here knows, I am not only a paramedic at night and a “normal day job developer” at five times a week, I am also a small Freelance Developer in the times between.

I have tested many different services over the years, E-Mail, Hosting, Serverless, MicroServices, GCP, AWS. The list goes on and on.

But there is one thing that has been with me a few years now. My Root-Server. I have got a Plesk Instance running on it, and my Websites and also the Sites and Mails of my small Customer group are running on it.

I didn’t have a single major problem in the past years and I am sharing the server with a coworker, which I work together on small projects regularly. We simply share costs by half, after the earnings of our customers are subtracted.

Since my spare time is very limited, I (well, we) have only a very small customer base (5 to 10). (Sidenote: we also are responsible for their network infrastructure and local computers.)

The Server isn’t nearly at its limit. Nor are the costs completely carried by our customers.

So, I have a few bytes to share. If you would like a place for your mail and personal website, be sure to reach out to me, maybe we can make a deal that both of us would make happy. :)

The best way to reach out, send me an EMail: :)