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Posted at — Jun 20, 2019

Today I was in the new Apartment again. As I’ve written yesterday we brought “home” my new fridge.

Today we (my father and me) got together to lift it to the second floor (where my apartment is).

Since the building where the new Apartment is in, doesn’t have an elevator, it surely was time for some serious manpower. :)

I bought a hand truck a few weeks back, so it wasn’t as bad as I first figured. My mother was painting some walls in the kitchen meanwhile.

At about two pm the went back home and left me alone, so I could continue painting the kitchen walls. I was hungry so I grabbed something from McDonald’s, nothing I do very often but from time to time I like it.

Two burgers and fries along with half a liter Fanta. I was so full after the meal that I fell asleep on my makeshift chair.

Now it is official, the new Apartment is totally mine. As soon as you’re able to sleep in four new walls you can call it home.

It still feels a little strange, now sitting in the “old” Apartment and writing these lines. It feels unreal to me to know that I won’t live anymore in this building, where I’ve lived the past four years, in a few weeks.