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Smoking and Alcohol

Posted at — May 3, 2019

I’m a little drunk, now, so its probably the best time to write this post. Sorry for any grammatically issues Grammarly is not detecting. :)

To be sure, this post lives in my mind for about a year now. It’s probably time to write it down.

About two years ago, I’ve met a friend from school again. He is my best friend in any case and we have a connection like brothers.

Anyway, also that time we came up with the idea, that it would be great to check out “new alcoholic levels”. As both of us mainly drank beer, why not test something interesting.

Of course, we chose some easy and widespread. Whisky. And what would fit better to a good Whisky than a cigar?

So another hobby was born. Whisky and Cigars. I am not going to talk about how bad both of them are for your help, but I want to give some insights on how we manage addiction.

From the beginning on, it was clear to us that we don’t want to be alcoholics in the next two years and that we don’t want to be nicotine addicted.

We came up with a pretty good plan. As long as none of us finds the need for one of the two things we are calm and relaxed.

And it worked. For more than two years now.

I don’t need alcohol to be funny and I really don’t need a constant nicotine income.

If the situation is perfect for us, we smoke some cigars and drink some Whisky to it. If no situation arrives for half a year it’s also not a problem for us.

I think that’s the huge breaking point to be “addicted”. We don’t feel to have a cigar, we don’t feel we need to have a Whisky.

As soon as you’re feeling the urge to smoke a cigar or drink something alcoholic, by definition (in Austria), you are addicted.

I’d like to keep it that way. And as long it’s only once a month or once in a half year, I don’t see a problem. And so do my doctors.

Anyway, I’d also like to hear your opinion on alcohol and smoking (any kind of tobacco or other substance that is).