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Posted at — May 15, 2019

So today is the day. According to my statistics, I am writing the 30th day in a row. Speaking scientifically I should have formed a new habit by now. If nothing goes wrong this streak shall continue forever! We will see.

Since I am not exactly sure what I should write, I thought, I write about the past 30 days. I think that’s probably the best thing that would fit this kind of “anniversary” (?) post.

Let’s begin:

in the last 30 days, I wrote every single day. Sometimes early in the morning, sometimes late in the night, right before the timer run out. In the last 30 days, I started learning for my Motorcycle license which I passed the theory exam also in the last 30 days. In the last 30 days, I made the decision to move out of my current apartment into a new one (Post 1, Post 2). I wrote down some “heavy” paramedic stories which occupied my mind. I met a bunch of new friends on this platform. Watched a great movie (Post 1, Post 2). And probably a lot more things happened, some small enough to be forgotten, some to private to disclose here. :)

10 words away from #TeamStreak. I’m coming and you can’t do anything about it. :)

So bear with me and see where it takes us!